Alain Nortjé obtained a BA (Ed) Fine Arts degree at the University of Pretoria in 1983.
He started out as an art teacher, became a college lecturer and in 1990 opened Alain’s Art and Frame, where he has been presenting art classes, doing frame work and working on his own paintings to this day.

His awards include:
‍Artist of the Year: KUESTA
Artist of the Year: Centurion Art Society (4 times), and
Finalist: South African New Signatures Competition.
During 1998 one of his paintings was chosen to represent South Africa at the World Expo in Lisbon.

His work is represented in several corporate collections (eg. Telkom, ABSA), educational institutions, and city councils, and in private collections locally and abroad.
Apart from selected upper-market galleries in South Africa (such as Johan Smit, Tugwell, Tina Skukan, Art & More and Blue Ivy) and the National Art Museum in Pretoria, renowned galleries in Salzburg, Munich and Vienna are currently exhibiting his work.

Although his style is diverse, Alain's fascination with South African landscapes, and with specific reference to man-made marks on the landscape, forms the main theme throughout his work.
Physical boundaries (such as rusted barbed wire fences) occurs regularly in his paintings and relates to both boundaries found in landscapes, as well as mental boundaries that the artist might be confronted with.

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138 Willem Botha Street, Wierdapark, Pretoria, South Africa, 0149.